Pedestal Booms Rockbreaker System To Prevent Crusher Blocking
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Pedestal Booms Rockbreaker System To Prevent Crusher Blocking

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Pedestal Booms Rockbreaker System To Prevent Crusher Blocking

Jaw crusher, also known as tiger mouth, is used to crush materials through the roving movement between the moving jaw and the fixed jaw. When the moving jaw is far away from the fixed jaw, it is the discharging process. But in the actual production operation, when the stone on the conveyor belt is too large, and several large stones fall into the feed port at the same time, there will be the problem that the stones are stuck in the feed port and can not fall into the crushing cavity or the crushing cavity is blocked, which leads to the crusher can not work normally.

At present, the main way to deal with this situation is to turn off the jaw crusher and the conveyor belt at the same time, so as to prevent the stone from falling. Then, shovel or stamp stones with artificial shovels or other tools to make the stones fall, this method takes time and effort, greatly reduces the production efficiency, and there is a huge potential safety hazard.

The fixed type pedestal booms rockbreaker system can be fixed on the side of the bin of jaw crusher, which can not only crush the large stones in the bin, feeder and machine mouth, but also replace the high-risk manual cleaning, so as to ensure smooth production and improve production efficiency. The product is controlled by small power motor, with low power consumption, low production cost, high efficiency and practicability. It can be equipped with air conditioning or operation mode according to the requirements. The operation is simple and the environment is comfortable. It is an ideal equipment for auxiliary ore crushing and feeding.


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Pedestal Booms Rockbreaker System

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