Pedestal Rockbreaker Boom Systems Crush Boulders At Jaw Crusher
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Pedestal Rockbreaker Boom Systems Crush Boulders At Jaw Crusher

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Pedestal Rockbreaker Boom Systems Crush Boulders At Jaw Crusher

YZH Pedestal hydraulic rock breaker boom system is a solution for primary crushing applications. They are most commonly used to break oversized rocks on top of the crusher cavity, to move single rocks which are stuck somewhere or to break build-ups caused by multiple coarse but not necessarily oversized rocks. Rock breakers are typically used to support the primary crusher, either jaw crushers or primary gyratories. Rock breakers can also be used to crush oversized boulders on top of the grids or grizzlies or to assist material flow in chute works or other possible challenging places in crushing processes.


Features Of Hydraulic Rock Breaker Boom System:

Consist of following components: breaker boom, impact hammer, hydraulic power unit and radio remote control. YZH China rock breakers are engineered and built tough for the demanding primary crushing applications to meet the same requirements as the crushers.


Rock breakers are operated by a remote-control unit. Same unit can be used as a radio remote unit or as a cable remote control unit depending on customer preference.


The remote-controlled boom and hammer with the radio remote control, which is part of standard scope of delivery, means that the boom and hammer can be operated from a location that gives the operator unlimited visibility into the area where the rocks are moved or broken.


Benefits of Hydraulic Rock Breaker Boom System

Long-term plant production is significantly improved when the primary station is equipped with a rock breaker solution. Downtime due to build-ups and blockages can be easily cut to a minimum. This ensures a steady material flow through the primary station to the next process stages. The huge economic impact as a result of improved productivity means that the investment pay-back time is typically very short.


Each rock breaker is a complete optimized package which is dimensioned perfectly to operate smoothly as a package. Each package is optimized to support certain size jaw crusher or primary gyratory.


A pedestal boom rock breaker solution is clearly the safest way to manage blockages and build-ups and to clear the crusher cavity. Thanks to the remote controls the operator can operate the equipment from a location which is safe for the operator and from where the operator can easily see into the area where the pedestal boom rock breaker is operating. Remote controls and proportional valves ensure smooth, agile and accurate controls which is important for safe, quick and easy operation. YZH China pedestal boom rock breaker solutions are also engineered safe and easy to maintain, with single-point lubrication of the boom joints as a standard feature.

 Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom System

Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom Systems

Stationary Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom System



YZH Also Offers Customized Service And Has The Ability To Design And Manufacture The Pedestal Booms According To Actual Working Conditions And Requirements To Meet All Specific Needs From The Customers.




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