Rockbreaker Boom System Is Used To Break Big Rocks
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Rockbreaker Boom System Is Used To Break Big Rocks

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Rockbreaker Boom System Is Used To Break Big Rocks

The YZH Rockbreaker boom system is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, sand or rock dust.

The release date of "Rockbreaker boom system" is April 5, 2016. "Rockbreaker boom system" is an industry standard implemented on September 1, 2016. The category of "Rockbreaker boom system" belongs to crushing equipment, mine crusher equipment. The industry classification of "Rockbreaker boom system" belongs to the manufacturing industry. The standard number of "Rockbreaker boom system" is JB/T 12801-2016. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology/National Energy Administration approved and issued the "Rockbreaker boom system". The record number of "Rockbreaker boom system" is 55071-2016. The filing date of "Fixed Hydraulic Stone Crusher" is June 3, 2016. The filing announcement of "Fixed Hydraulic Stone Crusher" is No. 8 of 2016 (Total No. 200). The Chinese standard classification number of "Rockbreaker boom system" is D92. International Standard Classification No. 73.100.99 for "Rockbreaker boom system". References: Rockbreaker boom system, industry standard information service platform. [Citation date August 08, 2021], URL:

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The rockbreaker boom system is a mining machinery and equipment that integrates machinery, electricity and hydraulics. The main components of YZH Rockbreaker boom system are composed of the following 4 parts: boom and jib stick arms, hydraulic pump station (power system), hydraulic breaker (breaking rock) and controller (operating system).

Rockbreaker Boom System

YZH electric full hydraulic stationary rockbreaker boom system is mainly used in: mines, quarries, sand and gravel aggregate yards, metallurgical smelters, foundries, cement plants, ladle slag plants, power plants, ports and docks, auxiliary The dumper dumps railway gondola bulk materials, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries and many other sectors. YZH Electric Remote Control Rockbreaker boom system can efficiently, safely and intelligently mechanize crushing and dredging the blockage of the jaw crusher, jams in the silo, accumulation of large stones and other blockages and jams at the grid screen. question!

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YZH fixed rockbreaker boom system has completely solved the jaw crusher machine mouth jam, silo blockage, material port blockage, grid screen blockage, gyratory crusher discharge port blockage, cement plant handling material, heat Slag high temperature crushing and other problems!

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The Rockbreaker boom system performs secondary explosion-free crushing of large ore, which greatly facilitates and improves the transportation and production capacity, and completely solves the hidden danger of mine safety accidents!

rock breaker boom system

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