​Rockbreaker Is A New Type Of Mining And Construction Equipment
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​Rockbreaker Is A New Type Of Mining And Construction Equipment

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Rockbreaker Is A New Type Of Mining And Construction Equipment

Since the fixed rockbreaker was installed in Jiangxi Mine, the jaw crusher mouth of the sand and gravel aggregate crushing production line will no longer be blocked, shut down or shut down. The fixed rockbreaker not only ensures the production capacity of the mine, but also reduces the occurrence of dangerous accidents in the mine. The construction personnel on the site of the jaw crusher no longer need to risk their lives by entering the jaw crusher inlet to clean up the blocked large rock materials! Fixed rockbreaker system greatly reduces the occurrence of mine disasters and accidents.

Moreover, the fixed rockbreaker is driven by electric power, and does not need diesel oil, which is energy saving and environmental protection! The fixed rockbreaker system is in line with the goal of developing green mines.

YZH fixed rockbreaker is mainly composed of four parts: hydraulic hammer, boom and jib stick, hydraulic oil station and control system. Fixed rockbreakers are widely used in mines, quarries, sand and gravel aggregate yards, metallurgical foundries, cement plants, chemical plants, port and dock unloading stations, etc.

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