Rockbreakers For Hang Zhou Aggregate Plants
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Rockbreakers For Hang Zhou Aggregate Plants

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Rockbreakers For Hang Zhou Aggregate Plants

According to YZH, there are two main benefits of having a pedestal rockbreakers system for your crushing application in either mining or aggregate production:

1. Reduce bridging in the hopper.

Reduce oversized material as it comes into the crusher.

Although YZH manufactures a wide range of rockbreaker systems for many crushing applications. The YZH Rockbreaker System is a medium-sized rockbreaker system, used at a crusher to break down oversized material.

It features a hydraulic boom with your choice of a 360 degree turntable or 180 degree swing post design. The pedestal rock breaker boom system also features a low-profile design option for underground or enclosed conditions. YZH’s enhanced motion control and boom position provides high production rates.

2. Key features to improve productivity include:

A. 360 degree turntable design or 180 degree swing post design.

B. Premium controls.

C. Low-profile design option for tight spaces.

“At JINAN YZH, we believe a quality product starts with a great design that continues through the manufacturing process,” the company stated. “With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing rockbreaking equipment, YZH brings only the highest quality equipment to the market. We manufacture our rockbreaker booms, cylinders and parts in-house. We hire trained, highly skilled personnel to bring you the best product that will last for many years and improve your production and bottom line.”


YZH Also Offers Customized Service And Has The Ability To Design And Manufacture The Pedestal Booms According To Actual Working Conditions And Requirements To Meet All Specific Needs From The Customers.




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