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Fixed Rockbreakers

Fixed Rockbreakers are intended for quick and safe releasing of primary crushers clogged with excessively large pieces of aggregate. Fixed Rockbreakers are also used for primary crushing of aggregate on grates (grizzly application).
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Fixed Rockbreakers

Fixed Rockbreakers system is used for secondary crushing, crushing of the frozen soils and eliminating of the jams in the loading hoppers. Fixed Rockbreakers’s structure is made of high strength of box sections with the side reinforcements at the critical points. Hydraulic cylinders, installed at the Fixed Rockbreakers have spherical bearings. Movable connections are equipped with grease nipples to make lubrication fast and easy. Fixed Rockbreakers turn is carried out by 2 hydraulic cylinders. Ambient temperatures for the Fixed Rockbreakers operation and its components varies from -40°С up to 40°С, all the blocks and electrical connections and components are produced under IP54 standard.

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