Pedestal Rockbreaker Booms System
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Pedestal Rockbreaker Booms System

Pedestal Rockbreaker Booms System is used to break up and crush stone, ore, slag, concrete and other materials.
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Pedestal Rockbreaker Booms System

Features Of Pedestal Rockbreaker Booms System:

1. Quality Built and Designed

YZH Pedestal rockbreaker booms system assemblies are quality built with locally available spare parts, so you're not troubled with ordering expensive replacement items. Our Pedestal rockbreaker booms systems are built with OEM, field-tested sealing components, and as with all YZH products, our Pedestal rockbreaker booms system come with the unbeatable YZH guarantee of parts and back-up.

2. Custom Engineering

YZH does not pull a tired design off the shelf and try to adapt it to your needs. Instead, we visit your site and see firsthand where bridging or backup occurs most frequently, and custom design a Pedestal rockbreaker booms system to cover your problem area completely and effectively. All booms are individually analysed on a exclusively designed engineering program which allows customised design and loadings to suit each application

3. Design Strength

YZH secondary breaking systems are built from large, welded box section structures with thick multi-plate fabrication in high stress areas. Unlike the competition, we do not add additional weight and cost by adding steel plates where structurally unnecessary.

4. Effortless Operation

Simplicity is one of the main features of the YZH system. A compact design and minimal components ensure quick and easy installation.

With enhanced design and functionality it requires little training and is user friendly to operate.

5. Flexibility

YZH Hydraulic Power Units are designed to be application specific. With a variety of electric motors, tank sizes, manual and remote- controls, YZH will tailor your installation for the best possible working conditions.

6. Taper Lock Bush Assembly.

YZH has designed and developed standardised taper lock bushes. These ensure true shear loads at all pins by gripping radially and axially to prevent bending and twisting within the the mounting connection. For an increase in maintenance, speed and efficiency, pin replacement is made easy by in built jacking screws.

7. Over Centre Valves.

The valves on all YZH Pedestal rockbreaker booms systems are custom designed specifically to suit our cylinders. These bolt directly onto a machined port to provide the best possible safety. Over centre valves are standard fitment to prevent boom and jib collapse if a hydraulic line is severed and can be easily added to the hammer cylinder if required.

8. Hydraulic Cylinders.

All cylinders are designed and custom built to provide superior strength and life under arduous conditions. The rod end is full penetration butt welded and tested to achieve the best possible connection. The entire area is hand dressed to ensure no notching which would propagate cracks in a fatigue situation

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YZH Also Offers Customized Service And Has The Ability To Design And Manufacture The Pedestal Booms According To Actual Working Conditions And Requirements To Meet All Specific Needs From The Customers.