YZH Hydraulic Manipulators
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YZH Hydraulic Manipulators

YZH Hydraulic Manipulators
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YZH Hydraulic Manipulators

YZH Hydraulic Manipulators are an automatic operation device that can imitate some action functions of human hands and arms to grasp and carry objects or operate tools according to fixed procedures.

YZH Manipulators

YZH Hydraulic Manipulators can replace people's heavy labor to realize the mechanization and automation of production, and can operate in harmful environment to protect personal safety. Therefore, YZH Hydraulic Manipulators are widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry, atomic energy and other departments.

Robotic Arms

YZH Hydraulic Manipulators are mainly composed of hydraulic station, slewing support system, boom and jib operation system, control system and electric control cabinet. YZH Hydraulic Manipulators has small floor area, compact structure and large operation range. YZH Hydraulic Manipulators can be placed in various occasions to improve the working environment and production safety.

Fixed Mechanical Arm

The executive parts of YZH Hydraulic Manipulators can choose hydraulic hammer, hydraulic lotus claw, hydraulic shear, holding clamp, digging bucket and other accessories, so as to realize the functions of YZH Hydraulic Manipulators, such as crushing, clamping, shoveling, grasping, digging, hooking, picking, raking and so on.

Robotic ArmManipulator

YZH Also Offers Customized Service And Has The Ability To Design And Manufacture The Pedestal Booms According To Actual Working Conditions And Requirements To Meet All Specific Needs From The Customers.




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