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Breaker Boom System

Breaker Boom System mounted at primary jaw impact and gyratory crushers to remove blockages to keep productivity at the maximum levels.
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  • YZH

Having selected the most suitable rock breaker boom system, correct positioning of the boom systems can make a big difference to the useability and maintainability of the system. Ideally, the normal working area of the rock breaker boom systems should be well within the maximum and minimum limits of the boom reach. This allows pedestal boom system to work with its hydraulic cylinders near mid-stroke, allowing for hydraulic cushioning of the hydraulic cylinders and proper operation of hydraulic relief valves, which are used to limit undue stresses on the boom.

Not only is it essential to ensure that the stationary boom system is capable of positioning the hydraulic rockbreaker boom system in the locations where blockages are expected to occur, if raking or re-positioning of material is anticipated, the pedestal boom system should be orientated such that the rockbreaker can be used to ‘rake’ material in line with the boom rather than attempt to ‘slew’ material sideways. There is far greater force available for raking when in line with the boom (i.e. pushing or pulling the material) when compared to trying to slew material sideways.

Ensuring that the stationary pedestal boom system can reach down far enough into the chute and then lift out sufficiently to clear chute walls, hand railing and other structures to move to park and maintenance positions is also very important. The expected normal working angle and the nominated ‘park’ position and maintenance location (for tool changes) will determine the required slew angle. Typical king-pin type slew designs have a slew range of 170 degrees and a recommended working angle of 140 degrees. For greater slewing capability, a 360 degree slew base may be required.

Finally, the position of the pedestal rock breaker boom system must also consider the location of the operator control cabin or operator platform. Visibility and operator safety while operating the boom system is extremely important and careful selection of an appropriate ‘line-of-site’ location for the operator should be determined.

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