Rockbreaker Boom System
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Rockbreaker Boom System

YZH rockbreaker boom system break oversize rock and eliminate bridging, maintain continual flow of material through the crusher & keep production on schedule
  • BH710

  • YZH

Pedestal Rockbreaker Boom System Package Options:

All YZH pedestal rockbreaker boom systems are manufactured with high tensile steels using specialised machining and welding techniques in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and CE standards. Optional extras to our standard packages include:

•       Single point lubrication

•       Pedestal to steel mounting kit

•       Pedestal to concrete mounting kit

•       Cold weather grade steel plate construction

•       Auto lube systems


Hydraulic Hammer Options:

We can offer our MQ range of hydraulic hammers that are fully compatible to operate our rock breaker boom systems or we can supply other well own brands such as Rammer, Sandvik, Montabert, FRD, Terex, Atlas Copco, Soosan, YZH and other brand.


Power Pack Options:

We provide various power pack options depending on your needs. Our additional options include an immersion oil heater, oil cooler and control panel.


Operating Control Options:

We would always recommend the operator to use a remote control unit. This allows for the boom to be operated from a safe location, where the operator can easily see into the breaking area. Other control options include:

•       Operator control stand complete with operator controls

•       Stand mounted electric over the joystick control

•       Ergonomic seat control

•       Operation cabin


Features of Pedestal Rockbreaker Boom System:

•       Products manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 and CE standards

•       Designed to optimise stress distribution

•       Optimally combines light weight and a high capacity

•       User friendly remote controls allow for smooth and agile operation

•       Shock absorbing pedestal mounting

•       Heat treated conical pins

•       Breaker anti-lunge cushioning within the hydraulic system

•       Unlimited visibility from the cabin or operator stand

•       Simple assembly, safe, quick and easy operation


Benefits of Pedestal Rockbreaker Boom System:

•       Long term plant production is vastly improved when the primary station is equipped with a rock breaker

•       Bridging is eliminated, maintaining uninterrupted flow of material through the crusher

•       Downtime due to build ups is drastically cut, ensuring a steady flow of material through the primary station

•       Payback time on the investment is usually very short due to the vast economic benefit as a result of increased productivity

•       The safest way to clear the crusher cavity

•       Endures tough duty cycles in demanding applications

Our rock breaker boom systems toughness combines performance with industry-leading engineering, providing you with a truly ground-breaking solution.

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BH Series

●360° Swing angle

●Strong beam structure

●Larger cylinder diameter

●Thickened shaft pin

●Rotary motor with buffer brake

Item/Model   No.                                                                                                                    BH630                         




Horizontal reach(M)



Vertical reach(H)






Swing angle



Slewing support dia.



Tool Dia. (Max.)



Power packs