Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom System
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Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom System

Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom System Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom System is suitable for underground mining, stationary crusher application and mobile crusher application.
  • BH710
  • YZH

The fixed type pedestal rock breaker boom system mounted at primary-jaw crusher, impact crusher, portable and mobile crusher,  gyratory crushers and stationary grizzlies are used for crushed-stone, hard rock/ore-reduction, and debris-recycling applications. Stationary type pedestal rock breaker boom system will allow crushers to achieve max. capacity and improve safety in mining and quarry applications.



YZH pedestal rock breaker boom systems are suitable for use in Tunnelling applications where hazardous conditions and confined spaces preclude the use of heavy machinery.


The operator works in complete safety with radio‐controlled, YZH pedestal rock breaker boom system and enables you to reduce the size of the material before sending it to the crushing process.


Grizzly Applications

Underground mining operations typically use a steel grate called a grizzly to size material before it enters an ore pass. Material that is too large cannot pass through the openings in the grizzly and are left on top of the grizzly to be broken by a pedestal rock breaker boom system, while the smaller material is allowed to pass through the grizzly down the ore pass.


Grizzly applications are extremely harsh by nature. The pedestal rock breaker boom system is subject to high degrees of in-line and side raking, combined with various sizes and amounts of oversize. YZH’s pedestal rock breaker boom systems are designed with wide boom cross sections, extra large pins and reinforced high tensile steel plates. All designed to handle complex loading to the boom.


Gyratory Crusher Applications

Big jobs need big pedestal rock breaker boom system. YZH’s wide range of pedestal rock breaker boom systems allow full breaker coverage within the rock box and mouth of the Crusher. YZH’s complete line of large hammers are designed specifically for gyratories to quickly eliminate any bridging or clogging, restoring consistent material flow to the crusher.


The gyratory crusher is the mainstay of medium to large duty crushing plants. Typically material is brought to the crusher by large haulage trucks and dumped into a rock box. The gyratory crusher is located at the bottom of the rock box. Material is crushed between the eccentrically mounted rotating crushing cone and the fixed, tapered crushing throat.


The pedestal rock breaker boom system is typically mounted in-line with the upper support of the rotating cone called the spider. This provides superior maneuverability of the pedestal rock breaker boom system within the gyratory throat. The pedestal rock breaker boom system is typically sized to allow full range of motion over the working range of the rock box. The reach should be deep enough to allow the breaker to enter the gyratory for material breaking and concave removal applications.


Mobile Rockbreaker Applications

Mobile crushers are, as the name implies, designed to be moved from site to site. An appropriate sized pedestal rock breaker boom system will mount on the crusher securely so the crusher can be moved without first dismantling the breaker assembly yet be large enough to handle the raking and breaking.

PEDESTAL BOOM BREAKER SYSTEMSpedesatal boom rockbreakers

pedestal booms rockbreakers

pedestal booms rockbreaker system

W Series

 ●Wider operating range

 ●Reinforced design of booms

 ●Larger slew support

●Rotary motor with buffer brake

Item/Model No.                                                                                                                          WH710       




Horizontal   reach(M)



Vertical   reach(H)






Swing   angle



Slewing   support dia.



Tool    dia. (Max.)



Power   packs (recommend)






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YZH Also Offers Customized Service And Has The Ability To Design And Manufacture The Pedestal Booms According To Actual Working Conditions And Requirements To Meet All Specific Needs From The Customers.




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