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Rock Breaker

Rock Breaker break oversize rock and eliminate bridging, maintain continual flow of material through the crusher & keep production on schedule.
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When sizing the hydraulic rock breaker boom system, you must consider the following:

1. Rock hardness

2. Rock size

3. Expected Duty (number of rocks per hour)

4. The physical size of the chute or crusher inlet

Put simply- ‘the bigger the fixed hydraulic rockbreaker system, the greater the impact energy’. If the hydraulic rockbreaker system is too small, it will take longer to break rock and clear blockages, resulting in unnecessary and costly downtime. However, if the pedestal boom hydraulic rockbreaker is too big it may be too large to fit into the crusher throat or chute where blockages are likely to occur. 

Importantly, if the rock hardness is too low for the selected rockbreaker, it can actually cause damage to the rockbreaker. Instead of the tool impacting and imparting energy into the rock, the tool easily passes through the rock and is captured by the tool retaining pin, effectively causing the energy to be ‘absorbed’ by the rockbreaker itself rather than delivered to the rock.

By considering all aspects of the application, including rock hardness, rock size, expected duty and the space available, an experienced dealer can recommend the most suitable hydraulic rockbreaker for the application ensuring the best possible return on investment.

Additionally, careful attention should be given to the rockbreaker design and location of hoses, particularly if working within the tight constraints of a chute on within a ROM dump hopper. Top entry hoses and a rockbreaker design which eliminates exposed hose swivels is always preferred. Side swivels can be easily damaged by impact with chute walls and designs with long hoses hanging from the side can easily get caught on rocks and chute work and should be avoided.

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