Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker Systems
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Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker Systems

Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker Systems has many new technology features that make the workload more manageable and increase productivity at the primary crusher, impact crusher, gyratory crusher and hammer crusher, portable and mobile crushers.
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Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker Systems

YZH Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker Systems are a stationary unit, mounted over the grizzly, operated electrically to break and rake oversized boulders or lumps of coal dumped on the grizzly. It ensures that the crushers are fed with the appropriate size of the feed. These rock breaker systems prevent the unnecessary stopping of the crusher owing to the jamming of large boulders and lumps of coal in both underground and open pit mines , coal handling plants and offer high quality, high productivity and immense robustness.

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stationary booms rockbreaker

fixed booms rock breaker system

Features of Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker Systems:

1. Improve safety and productivity with Remote Operation. Reduce personnel fatigue and heat stress. 

2. Remove personnel from flyrock, dust, noise and vibration hazards.

3. Control multiple rock breakers from one centralised Remote Operation. For high output mines, multiple rock breakers at different crushing stations can be controlled efficiently from one control centre, improving staff utilisation.

4. Improve rock breaker efficiency with Automated Movements. Go to park and deploy positions with the press of a button, minimising crushing delays.

5. Eliminate site damage with Collision Avoidance. Prevent unnecessary downtime by eliminating damage to rock breaker and surrounding plant equipment with customised collision avoidance software.

6. Increase throughput via improved communication between equipment with Plant & Process Integration. Signals to and from vehicles and plant equipment automatically retract the rock breaker for continuous crushing operation.

7. Reduce the rock breaker operating costs with Preventative Maintenance. Smoother rock breaker movements, cylinder sensing, data logging and collision avoidance minimises component wear and dramatically reduces on-site maintenance costs.

8. A tailored programmable Safety System with accommodation for isolation gates and E-Stops.

9. It is suitable for retrofitting to all existing rockbreakers – including Transmin and third-party OEM’s.  

pedestal boom rockbreakerPedestal Boom Rockbreaker Systemshydraulic rockbreaker booms system

Pedestal Booms Rockbreaker systems

YZH Also Offers Customized Service And Has The Ability To Design And Manufacture The Pedestal Booms According To Actual Working Conditions And Requirements To Meet All Specific Needs From The Customers.




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