Stationary Booms Breakers
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Stationary Booms Breakers

Stationary Booms are a safer way to manage blockages and to clear build ups and the crusher cavity.
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Stationary Booms Breakers

Current methods for rock breaking pose challenges for mining operations. Rocks are passed through a screen to be crushed, but rocks that are too big must be crushed separately by an operator, which reduces productivity and increases expenses. Automating the rock-breaking process would increase efficiency, but existing technology can’t program machines to respond to the variables in rock sizes.


YZH fixed type pedestal booms breakers for underground mining, is a semi-autonomous system that give it a competitive advantage and help realize the company’s goal of commercializing a first-of-its-kind, fully autonomous system. YZH pedestal rockbreaker boom system increases productivity by allowing one worker to operate multiple rock breakers at once and minimizes losses due to product damage. It is also safer for operators.

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YZH Also Offers Customized Service And Has The Ability To Design And Manufacture The Pedestal Booms According To Actual Working Conditions And Requirements To Meet All Specific Needs From The Customers.




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